ISSN: 2582-0486 (Online)

Author Guidelines for Manuscript

All parts of the manuscript must be typed single spaced on paper of A4 (292 x 210mm) size with 1.0 inch margin on each side.

Abstract must be informative and not just indicative, and must contain the significant results reported in the paper.
Keywords not more than about six in number, must be provided for indexing and information retrieval.
The text must be divided into sections, generally starting with 'Introduction' and ending with 'Conclusions'. The main sections should be numbered 1, 2 etc., subsections 1.1, 1.2 etc., and further subsections (if necessary) 1.1.1, 1.1.2 etc.
Tables must be numbered consecutively in Numerals in the order of occurrence in the text; they should be self-contained and have a descriptive title.
Figures including photographs which must be glossy prints, should be numbered consecutively in Numerals in the order of occurrence in the text.
Mathematical material: Equations must be written clearly, each on its own line, well away from the text but punctuated to read with it. Complicated expressions should be avoided in the text; when absolutely necessary they should be displayed separately like equations. All equations must be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals with the number in parentheses near the right hand margin.
References should be cited in the text by author(s) name(s) and year. Names of both authors should be used for 2-author papers, while for papers with three or more authors, the name of the first author, followed by the words et al and year should be used for citing in the text. References at the end of the paper should be listed alphabetically by authors' names, followed by initials, year of publication, title of the article, and name of the journal (abbreviated according to standard practice), volume number, and numbers of first and last pages. References to books should include: name(s) of author(s), initial(s), year of publication, title of chapter (if any), title of the book, edition if not the first, initial(s) and name(s) of editor(s) (if any), place of publication, name of publisher, and chapter or pages referred to. References to thesis must include the year, the title of thesis, the degree for which submitted, the name of university and the city where located.
NOTE: All the papers submitted will be checked for PLAGIARISM. And papers under 25% will be considered for publication.