Volume 1 Issue 1

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1.1 Detection of Mastitis Level in the Cattle: A review
Kanika Chhabra and Harpal Singh
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1.2 Screening of Potential Inhibitors of SALMONELLA TYPHI BETA-LACTAMASE TEM 1 using Virtual Screening and Docking Studies
Akshima Kaushik and Rakesh Kumar Pandit
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1.3 Fabrication and Characterization of Al6063-Al2o3-Sic Composites by Stir Casting
Ashish Sharma and Sachin Mohal
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1.4 Optimization of Laccase Production from Bacillus Sp. Msk-01 using Sweet Lime Peels as an Effective Substrate
Sonica Sondhi, Palki Sahib Kaur and M. Arockia Babu
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1.5 Business Intelligence in Banking: A Study of Bi Technology Implementation and Challenges
Tejinder Pal Singh Brar
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1.6 Review on Agriculture Field Monitoring using Wireless Sensor Network
Parneet Kaur and Pooja Sahni
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1.7 Investigations on Huffman Coding for Compression of Bit Stream
Dishant Khosla, Sohni Singh, Anuj Kumar Gupta and Tejpal Sharma
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1.8 Waveguide Diplexer Design and Implementation in Communication Systems
Sohni Singh, Sumeet Goyal, Manvinder Sharma and Rahul Kakkar
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1.9 5G: Security Characteristics and Challenges
Parveen Singla, Rinkesh Mittal and Mohit Srivastava
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1.10 To study the likelihood of Cancer based on today’s lifestyle - A survey Chetna 48-55 View Article
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1.11 A review on Steganography and its techniques to enhance security
Kamlinder Kaur
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1.12 An analysis based on the Open Problems, Security and Privacy In Internet Of Things
Shivani Bajaj and Manisha Malhotra
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