Peer Review

Peer review is the routine practice used to evaluate the quality and novelty of a manuscript submitted to CGCIJCTR journal before it is published. Individual researchers in the relevant research area can submit manuscripts for originality, validity and significance which will help the editors in decision making whether a submitted manuscript should be published in their journal or not.

When a manuscript is submitted to CGCIJCTR journal, it is checked critically to see if it meets the criteria of journal. If it does, the editorial team will decide on peer reviewers available within the concerned research area to peer-review the manuscript and make the decision for recommendations and not recommendations.

To maintain a good quality publication, all submissions undergo a thorough review process. Some important points regarding peer review process are as written here:

  • Formatting of manuscript should be as per journal guidelines.
  • Same manuscript submitted to other journal/ conference will not be entertained.
  • Contents of manuscript must be within the scope of journal, otherwise, it will not be considered for further review process.
  • All submitted manuscripts should undergo plagiarism process.
  • As per journal policy, submissions should be refereed for double blind review process by the editorial board.
  • Moreover, Editors will have the power of seeking additional reviews if required.
  • Authors of submitted manuscript will be informed by Editors if further review is required.
  • Acceptance or rejection decisions are made by the journal's Editors-in-Chief on the basis of the reviewer’s reports.
  • Identity of submitted manuscripts should not be disclosed and are treated as confidential documents.
  • Peer review process is confidential and identities of reviewers and authors cannot be disclosed.