Volume 5 Issue 2

Article No. Title and Authors
C20230101 Aplications of Machine Learning in Diverse Sector: A Study
Gagandeep Kaur, Santosh Kumar

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C20230201 Comparative Analysis of Covid-19 Vaccines: Efficacy, Side Effects, and Global Impact
Rupal Sharma, Priyanka Gupta, Milan Rohilla

( 144 times)
C20230401 Study of different approaches for Sentiment Analysis
Anuj Kumar Gupta

( 173 times)
C20230402 Biological Effects of Gingerol
Shaveta Sharma, Sidharath Singh

( 139 times)
C20230501 Copper Oxide Nano Particles Using Neem Leaves
Shaveta Sharma, Tanav Vinayak, Vaibhav Kumar, Tanaya Dhiman

( 157 times)
C20230502 Machine Learning and its Applications- A Review Study
Dr. Chhinder Kaur, Richa Chandel, Dr. Tejinder Pal Singh Brar, Shikha Sharma

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