Volume 1 Issue 2

Article No. Title and Authors
C0102102 A Novel Approach to Find Circular Object from various shaped objects in an Image
Tejpal Sharma, Manvinder Sharma, Jagbir Singh, Joginder Singh
C0102103 Survey on E-Healthcare in Internet of Things (IOT)
Supriya Srivastava, Harmandeep Kaur
C0102104 Analysing Opinions of People for Different Products
Heena Girdher, Anshul Garg
C0102106 Moving from databases to Cloud Database: Futuristic Trends
Gurpreet Singh, Shivangi, Sumit Kumar, Sunil Chawla
C0102107 Comparative Analysis of Energy Efficient Routing Protocols Using GA and HSA
Chanpreet Kaur, Tejinder Kaur, Rachna Manchanda
C0102108 Securing Wireless LAN by Boosting Intrusion Detection Techniques
Rupinder Singh
C0102111 Immobilization of Alpha Amylase Using Dual Matrix Entrapment: Method for Commercial Usability
Palki Sahib Kaur, Arpit Sharma, Sonica Sondhi, Sheetal Bansal, Alka Thakur, M.Arockia Babu,
C0102112 Impact of Social Network Analysis On E-Learning
Anshul Garg, Heena Girdhar
C0102116 Probiotics: A Friend with Benefits
Nitin Sharma, Vikas Kumar, Bapin Kumar Panda, Nidhi Gupta
C0102117 Performance Optimization of IOT Networks Using Frequency Hopping
Dr. Parminder Singh, Amanpreet Kaur, Mandeep Singh Devgan, Harpreet Kaur Toor